Aug 082012

The Revlon Colorburst range of lipsticks come in some really delicious shades. I have 015 Grape.

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick


Revlon Colorburst - Grape (Sorry, I know the pic is rather dark but this was the only shot that showed the actual colour accurately.)

The texture is smooth and creamy. The colour is intense and the coverage is even. It feels very light and moist on the lips almost like you’re not wearing any lipstick. Also, I like the design of the tube. It is black with a criss-cross pattern etched all along two sides of it – subtle yet not ordinary. However, this is not a long-wearing lipstick. You need to touch up every couple of hours.

Swatch of Revlon Colorburst Grape against a white background


Revlon Colorburst - Grape

In short, I would definitely recommend this lipstick and would buy it again myself. I think it’s a great cream finish lipstick for the price. I know that the price may seem a bit high but considering that the coverage is good and the colour doesn’t bleed, I think that it is a pretty good deal.

Price: I don’t remember the exact amount that I paid for this lipstick but I think it was around Rs. 550/-.

Smooth texture
Light feel
Even, intense colour
Lovely shades for all moods
Attractive tube
Does not bleed

Not long-wearing