Jun 212012

Nivea Visage Oil-Regulating Toner

This toner is supposed to be a toner for mixed to oily skin. However, I found that it made my skin feel quite sticky and my face would start looking shiny and oily in no time at all. On the positive side, the fragrance is pleasant and it does not sting. Rather than being a toner for oily skin, it would probably do very well as a toner for someone with normal to mildly dry skin as it moisturises the skin so much that you don’t need to follow it up with moisturiser.

The key ingredients as printed on the bottle are:
Aqua, SD alcohol 9.15% v/v, glycerin, aluminium chlorohydrate, carnitine, aloe barbadensis, panthenol, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil.

Nivea Oil-Regulating Toner: Ingredients and price

Pleasant fragrance
Gentle on skin, no stinging

Too moisturising for oily skin, leaves a sticky film on the skin

In short, my only issue with this product is that it is categorized wrongly as a toner for oily skin. Otherwise, it is a very gentle toner as compared to others.

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