Jun 212012

I am constantly on the lookout for a moisturiser to suit my oily, acne-prone skin and let me tell you that it is a tough search. There aren’t too many Indian moisturisers that are made for oily skin. When you do finally find one, you find that it leaves your skin feeling sticky. And finding one with SPF is even more difficult. So I thought that when I did finally find a suitable product, I would put up a review of it.

Which brings me to the aloe vera facial gel from Forest Essentials.

Forest Essentials Aloe Vera Facial Gel box

I stumbled across this product when I was browsing through the shop’s collection with a friend. Forest Essentials Light Moisturising Facial Gel with pure aloe vera was recommended to me by the store assistant as a moisturiser suitable for oily skin, especially in the summer season. I am very happy that I bought it. I remember thinking that it was a tad expensive at approx. Rs. 600 for a 1.7 oz jar. Now I think it was worth it.

Forest Essentials Aloe Vera Facial Gel jar

It is a transparent gel. It’s light, easy to apply and very refreshing. You do need to massage it into the skin a bit or else it leaves a slight film on the skin. My skin does not feel oily in a hurry, nor do certain parts of my face feel dry. That was always my problem with other moisturisers: either they made my skin sticky or they did not provide adequate moisture.

The packaging of the Forest Essentials gel accentuated the whole ‘natural’ tone of the product and brand. The store assistant carefully couched the box in tissue that had been spritzed with some scented water and threw in a few bits of pot pourri before placing it in the Forest Essentials bag. Very good tactic, as it sent me home feeling soooo good about the product I had invested in!

Delivers results as a moisturiser for oily skin
Very good, refreshing moisturiser for the summer
Light gel
Pretty packaging
Light, unobtrusive scent
No sticky feeling after application

Probably wouldn’t be enough for dry winters (I have yet to try it out in that season)

Note: Forest Essentials does have an aloe vera lotion with SPF which I have yet to try out.

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    I read through Stephanie an Manisha’s views on Aloe Vera gel. In the mornings after cleaning my face I either use Loreal’s hydrafresh or Olay’s moisturising lotion. Both r good. However I wish to try the gel now.
    Can I ? Also can this gel be used before the moisturising cream with SPF? I am 56 yrs now.


      A lot depends on your skin type. However, I think you can safely use this gel before a moisturiser with SPF. Else it would probably make sense for you to use the aloe vera lotion of the same range of products. The only reason I didn’t get the lotion was because of the oily nature of my skin.
      Sorry I’m replying after so long. The last few months have been one of those key turnings in life when you have no time to look left or right. However, I do intend getting back to my blog now that things are settling down. Thank you for visiting my site. Do check in every now and then coz there is definitely more to come!!


    Hey, very nice review.. And you know what, this product is now priced at 875 bucks, I bought it 2 days ago…. :(………..I just tried it once on my face during day time as an alternative to moisturizer. I have VLCC aloe vera moisturizer which is the only moisturizer that suits my oily and acne prone skin but I decided to give that bottle some rest and try this instead and it felt amazing. My face never felt sticky or patchy throughout the day. Although, I bought it with a thought that I’d be using it as a night cream but now it seems it solves both purpose and I can use it as a base as well during day.. Happy happy :):)


      Wow! That is a lot more than I had paid. :-( By the time summer rolls around again, goodness knows what the price will be then! Anyway, thank you for your feedback, Manisha. It’s nice to know that my reviews are of use to someone. And yes, I know the ‘happy happy’ feeling. That’s what I had felt when I’d bought it.

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