Jun 212012

This is another 5-minute look with eyeliner and lipstick for beginners. (If you have large eyes, don’t do this look.)
Note: Before applying any makeup you must wash your face with a soap-free cleanser, pat dry and apply a moisturiser suited to your skin type followed by a sunscreen.

You will need:
1 eyeliner pencil (black or brown)
1 lip balm
1 tissue
1 lipstick


  1. Make sure the eyeliner pencil is sharpened. Gently pull the lower lid of your eye slightly down. Place the side of your eyeliner point on the lower waterline that is now exposed (inner rim of your eye) and rub it along the entire lower waterline from corner to corner.
  2. Apply lip balm to your lips. Invest in a good one. I use Nivea Fruity Shine. The balm helps the lipstick to glide on smoothly. Press the tissue against your lips to blot off any excess balm.
  3. Apply the lipstick to your bottom lip from the outer corners to the centre. Wait a few seconds and press your lips together very gently (DO NOT rub them together). This will leave an impression on your upper lip that you can use as a guide for filling in the lipstick there (the Cupid’s bow on that lip can be tricky).
  4. Apply lipstick on the upper lip from the centre dip of your lip to the outer corners. Wait a few seconds and gently press your lips together again.
  5. Gently massage the colour into your lips with your finger. This will even out the lipstick helping it reach all the folds of your lips as well as help the colour to last longer. If you don’t like getting your fingers messy then use a tissue to blot your lips by folding it in half and closing your lips over the tissue as though you’re chomping down on it.
  6. Reapply the lipstick on both lips as described before.

Let’s do a quick recap

Step 1: Eyeliner
Step 2: Lip balm
Step 3: Lipstick

* If you want a very light stain on your lips, simply spread the colour on your lips with a finger.

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