Jun 282012

Ever wondered what kind of makeup and how much makeup to wear? Sometimes this can be a bit confusing, especially if you’re not used to wearing makeup regularly. The kind of makeup you can wear differs depending on the time of day and the occasion. I’ve given a few tips below to clarify things a bit.

For day wear, keep the makeup as natural as possible. Pale eyeshadow is better for day wear than liner. Eyeliner must be lightly applied in thin lines. Lipcolour can be in pale shades such as sand pink, coral pink, baby pink, mauve, pinkish red, beige, caramel, copper. It must be matte or creamy in finish. Avoid high gloss for day wear.

For night wear, it depends on the occasion. For office I suggest neatly lined eyes with a medium to dark shade in a matte or creamy finish. For casual evenings out, I’d say natural eye makeup using eyeshadow rather than liner to liven up the eyes. And for the lips, a medium-toned colour (dull pink, light chocolate brown, light purple, light coffee brown, a dull red applied as a stain) in a gloss or dewy finish like that which you get with liquid lipsticks. For parties or clubbing, I suggest heavy eye makeup and nude, glossy lips, or minimal eye makeup with dark, full-bodied lip colour.

General guidelines

  • Do not wear heavy makeup on both your eyes and lips.
  • If you do want to wear dark eyes and lips, do so at night. Don’t make it too heavy and see that the eyes and lips do not overpower each other.
  • Light colours are usually worn in the day and early evening while dark colours are worn at night.
  • Heavy eye makeup especially with eyeliner is best kept for the night. Keep eyeliner lines thin for day wear.
  • Mascara is best worn in just one coat for the day and 2 or 3 coats for the night.

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