Does it sometimes seem to you that makeup is just too complicated for you to bother with it on a daily basis? If so, this is the blog for you. I believe that makeup is an accessory. I mean, does it take you an hour to find the right shoes for your outfit when you’re getting dressed for office? No! So why should makeup take so long?

Makeup is just a way to enhance your own existing features. This gives you an advantage – makeup can be as little or as much as you want it to be. It’s completely up to you. So why not play around with it? A little of this and a little of that can perk up your face for the day without having to use every single item of makeup that you see in most makeup tutorials. No need to use 8 different products to get a ‘natural’ look. To me that sounds really contradictory.

Most of the time, I don’t use foundation, compact powder, concealer, multiple makeup brushes and all that jazz. I don’t have the time and I’m a little wary of putting a whole lot of stuff on my face. However, I do like playing around with a few products at a time and trying different ways of making the most of them. But this was not true of me when I was in college. I was one of those girls who never wore makeup and thought that makeup was not ‘my thing’. Yet, I watched longingly as others applied makeup because really, I was fascinated by it.

Which brings me to the woman who’s afraid of makeup. I am writing this blog for her. I was this woman for a long time, shying away from lipsticks and other makeup products simply because it all seemed so intimidating. Where could I start? Which colours could I use? How could I apply it? It appeared to be such a complicated, fussy affair that I thought that my life was simpler without it. But the desire to use makeup and add a bit of colour to my face did not disappear.

The other issue was my dark complexion. This blog caters to the dark-skinned woman. Finding the right colour to suit me was always difficult. Trying out different colours in the stores was too confusing. The advertisements for makeup products did not help since most of the models wearing the stuff had fair or wheatish complexions. So I was constantly searching for colours suitable for darker complexions.

The next problem was: which brand do I buy? We in India don’t have regular and easy access to the international brands that many makeup sites recommend. There is a fixed selection of brands that you find in malls, at clothing and accessory stores, stationery shops (!) and pharmacies in India. There aren’t many reviews on these brands so I decided to start writing a few of my own.

So this blog is basically me sharing whatever I have learnt, am learning and will learn, with you. Finally, it’s all about enjoying the makeup, not struggling through. Makeup made simple is the way I see it. My blog consists of articles on makeup application, tips, reviews, tutorials and so on. All the methods that I’ve described are methods that I use regularly. Some of them are known methods that I’ve simplified for myself. Some others are new methods that I have developed to make it easier for me to achieve a particular ‘look’ without too much effort and too many tools. It’s always trial and error. When I get it right, I post it.
As for the reviews, they are all products that I’ve actually used for a while. None of my opinions on them is influenced by payment or sponsorship from any company.

So do read the information that I’ve shared in my posts and I hope that you find it useful :-). I would also love to hear feedback from you on my posts.