Jun 172012

Here are few lipstick ideas that you can use to make the most of your lipstick.

A) Varying tints of the same lipstick

Dark lipsticks are especially suitable for creating tints of varying colour intensity. You can wear the same lipstick in different ways.

Apply a lip balm before applying the lipstick. Make sure it is a thin layer or else, blot it with a tissue.

Apply lip balm in a thin layer before applying lipstick.

Option 1:Dab on with your finger to give your lips a light flush of colour. This creates a more natural look.

Dab on a little and spread over your lips for a light stain.

Option 2:Follow the step given above and apply a coat of clear gloss or lip balm to create a new lip gloss for yourself.

Add a layer of lip balm or lip gloss over the stain.

Option 3:Apply the lipstick in 2 layers and blot your lips after each layer with a tissue to get a subtle, matte effect. Alternatively, skip the tissue and spread the colour evenly over your lips using your finger after applying each layer of lipstick.

Apply in 2 layers and blot each layer for a matte finish.

Option 4:Apply the lipstick in 3 layers and blot your lips (or spread with your finger) only after the first 2 layers to get a full-bodied, dark colour.

Apply in 3 coats without blotting the last one for a rich, dark colour.

 Product used in the above pictures:
Lipstick: Maybelline Colorsensational 926, Pure Passion

B) Refreshing your faded lipstick at the end of a long day without reapplying it

Sometimes you find that your lipstick has faded from the middle of your lips at the end of a long day. You may find that it has settled into the creases of your lips or has left an ungainly ring of colour all along the rim of your lips. And you don’t have the time or patience to carefully reapply the lipstick. Here’s what you can do:

  • Spread whatever colour is left on your lips with your finger so that it’s now distributed evenly across your lips.
  • Whip out your lip balm or clear lip gloss and apply a coat of it.
  • You’re now ready to go with a new shade of lip gloss on your lips!

C) Benefits of investing in a lip brush

Using a lip brush to apply lipstick

  • allows you to reach all the folds and corners of your lips easily,
  • makes it easier to apply the lipstick accurately and within the boundaries of your lips,
  • helps you to use the minimum amount of lipstick for the maximum coverage,
  • helps the lipstick last longer on your lips (especially if you blot it between 2 or 3 coats with a tissue), and
  • helps you to use your lipstick right to the very bottom of the stick.

D) Using lipstick as eyeshadow

Lipstick can also be used as an eyeshadow if it is of a lighter hue. Obviously you are better off not using bold reds as eyeshadow unless you want to look like you have a rash. But colours like pale or muted pinks, mauve, purple, coral, shades of brown etc. can be used as eyeshadow. Use cream lipsticks rather than metallic finish or glossy ones. Just rub the lipstick onto your ring finger and dab onto your upper eyelid from the outer corner inwards. Always spread on from the outer corner towards the inner corner so that the colour seems to fade in that direction. Apply the colour lightly.

Using lipsticks as eyeshadow gives you a few advantages over the usual powder eyeshadow:

  • you have as many colours at your disposal as you have lipsticks
  • cream lipsticks give a lovely sheer, satiny finish to the eyeshadow
  • they are easy to apply
  • you don’t need a special applicator or brush

E) Using lipstick as a blush

I have heard that lipstick can be used in this fashion. I prefer to avoid it since my skin is oily and prone to breakouts. However, if you have rather dry skin, you can dab a little lipstick on the apples of your cheeks to give them a slight stain. You could use pink, peach or cherry shades depending on your skin tone. Apply in light, circular, upward strokes blending towards your temples. Keep the colour as light or sheer as possible.

May 312012

I use 2 methods to achieve long lasting lip colour on my lips. Before using either of these methods, I make sure that I’ve buffed my lips and moisturised them using either Nivea cream or balm. If I use balm, I use just enough to coat the lips with a thin layer as too much can make the lipstick slide off.

Using a tissue and lip brush

This is me without lipstick. I’ve applied a lip balm.

No colour

  1. Apply the lipstick all over your lips using a lip brush. The idea is that the less product you use, the less likely it is that it will slide off the minute you eat or drink. A lip brush helps you to apply just enough colour to cover your lips. This kind of thin layer is more likely to give you long lasting lip colour for a few hours.

    One coat of lipstick

  2. Hold a tissue folded in half between your lips and press lips together against the tissue. This will blot off any excess colour.

    After blotting the first coat

  3. Repeat step 1 and 2.
  4. Steps 1, 2 and 3 will give you a matte finish.

    2 coats of lipstick after blotting: matte, subtle finish

  5. For a more intense finish, lightly dab the lipstick directly from the tube onto your lips after steps 1, 2 and3.

    After applying 3 coats of lipstick: full-bodied finish

  6. For a glossy effect, apply a bit of gloss or balm after step 3. (See note below.)

    With gloss after the first 2 coats

Using your finger

  1. Apply a little lipstick to the centre of your lips directly from the tube.
  2. Spread all over your lips with the tip of your finger.
  3. Repeat step 1 and 2.
  4. Steps 1, 2 and 3 will give you a matte finish.
  5. For a more intense finish, lightly dab the lipstick directly from the tube onto your lips.
  6. For a glossy effect, apply a bit of gloss or balm after step 3. (See note below.)

Remember that the trick to achieving long lasting lip colour is to use as little of the lipstick to get a stain on your lips and then to build up the colour by layering the stain. This also helps you to apply as light or dark a colour as you want. Simply stop layering the colour when you achieve the concentration of colour that you desire.

Between the 2 methods described above, the tissue one is more effective. I use the finger method when I’m out or when I don’t have tissue and a lip brush at hand.

Note: Applying lip balm or gloss reduces the colour’s staying power.

Products used in this post:
Lipstick: Streetwear Moisture Rich Lipcolor 04, Wild Berry
Lip balm: Nivea Essential Care