Oct 252012

I finally tried Maybelline’s Watershine range of lipsticks and was quite pleased with my purchase. The colours I tried were Rose Jam, a lovely light pink shade, and Mochaccino, a nude, brownish beige.

Maybelline Watershine lipstick

First of all, look at that gorgeous pink colour! I love seeing these pretty lipsticks in my bag or pulling them out of my bag and having girls around me go, “Ooooh! Which lipstick is that?!” Don’t worry, I’m not one of those ‘girly’ girls with pink in everything I wear. I don’t like it in my clothes but I do love it in my accessories. One of my little eccentricities. However, I understand that this is the old packaging of the Watershine lipsticks. I think the packaging is silver now.

The Watershine lipsticks are sheer in finish and glide on very smoothly. The colour is fairly long-lasting for a sheer lipstick and gives a kind of plump appearance to the lips. The lipstick sits very lightly on the lips. It also has a sweet fragrance like that of the candy, Skittles (the melon flavour). If you like the smell of melons then you’ll enjoy wearing this lipstick. If not, you may find the smell too strong to be ignored. For Rs. 230/-, the Maybelline Watershine lipstick was a very good buy, in my opinion. This a great lipstick to try if you want to use lipstick but don’t want your lips to look too ‘made-up’.

So let’s take a look at the shades I had picked up: Mochaccino and Rose Jam.

Mochaccino and Rose Jam

The Rose Jam can be worn by women with a dark skin tone whether they have cool or warm undertones. It would be a little more suitable for those with a warm undertone. On dark skin, this lipstick gives a sheer, pink tint which is quite pretty especially if you want to keep the look subtle, yet rosy.

Maybelline Watershine in Rose Jam: As it looks in the bullet

Swatch of Rose Jam against a white background

Maybelline Watershine in Rose Jam

The Mochaccino is not very suitable for those with darker skin tones but they can use this colour as a nude lipstick. It can be used with a lipliner in a darker tone to give it more definition. It would look great on those with lighter skin tones. It does not show up at all on medium skin tones.

Maybelline Watershine in Mochaccino: As it looks in the bullet

Swatch of Mochaccino against a white background

Maybelline Watershine in Mochaccino: Considering that my lips are dark brown in colour, the Mochaccino actually gives me a pretty, nude, light brown hue.

I often use it as a nude lipstick and line my lips with a deep burgundy shade of liner. I also sometimes add a dab of a purple or deep red lipstick over it for a hint of colour. Gives a lovely, subtle look for the daytime.

Good texture
Light on the lips
Pleasant fragrance

Fragrance is a little strong

Aug 082012

The Revlon Colorburst range of lipsticks come in some really delicious shades. I have 015 Grape.

Revlon Colorburst Lipstick


Revlon Colorburst - Grape (Sorry, I know the pic is rather dark but this was the only shot that showed the actual colour accurately.)

The texture is smooth and creamy. The colour is intense and the coverage is even. It feels very light and moist on the lips almost like you’re not wearing any lipstick. Also, I like the design of the tube. It is black with a criss-cross pattern etched all along two sides of it – subtle yet not ordinary. However, this is not a long-wearing lipstick. You need to touch up every couple of hours.

Swatch of Revlon Colorburst Grape against a white background


Revlon Colorburst - Grape

In short, I would definitely recommend this lipstick and would buy it again myself. I think it’s a great cream finish lipstick for the price. I know that the price may seem a bit high but considering that the coverage is good and the colour doesn’t bleed, I think that it is a pretty good deal.

Price: I don’t remember the exact amount that I paid for this lipstick but I think it was around Rs. 550/-.

Smooth texture
Light feel
Even, intense colour
Lovely shades for all moods
Attractive tube
Does not bleed

Not long-wearing

Jul 232012

Nivea Fruity Shine: Pomegranate

As lip balms go, the Nivea Fruity Shine lip balm is a rather good one and it is also reasonably priced. It got me out of my chapped lips phase with regular use after cleansing my face. This balm was more than enough as long as I lived in a humid climate. However, it will not do for really dry weather. It is a lighter alternative to Vaseline if you want to treat dry lips and it gives the lips a hint of colour depending on the variety you buy.

The balm also has a slightly sweet taste and a fruity fragrance. I’ve tried the strawberry, cherry and pomegranate. I found that the cherry and pomegranate colours suited my dark skin much better than the strawberry.

Nivea Fruity Shine Pomegranate bullet

Me wearing Nivea Fruity Shine Pomegranate

It is quite glossy for a lip balm and I’ve often used it as a gloss over lipsticks either to give them a shine or to give them a different hue. For example, I use the cherry one over a brown or purple lipstick to give it a reddish hue.

Price: Rs. 129/-

Good balm
Light texture
Pleasant fragrance
Gives a hint of colour to the lips
Can act as a lip gloss
Sweet taste

Not enough for really dry climate

Jul 222012

The Body Shop Delipscious Sheer Lip Colour

The Body Shop Sheer Lip Shine is a cream finish, soft lipstick. The lipstick itself is easy to apply (no dragging, pulling or pressing required). I bought no. 7. It is a pretty, pale pink with orange tones. However, it does not deliver intense colour. You need to apply at least 2 to 3 coats of it for the colour to show especially if you have dark lips like I do. This is a very beautiful, discreet, nude colour for you if your lips aren’t pigmented and you’re a fair to medium-dark skin tone.

The Body Shop Delipscious, shade no. 7


The Body Shop Delipscious, shade no. 7 swatch


Me wearing Delipscious shade no. 7

I did not like the way it felt on my lips: it was rather cakey and heavy and did not last long at all (it was nearly all gone after 1 glass of water). It felt greasy and when I did a swatch of it on paper for this blog post, I saw that after a few minutes it actually leaked more oil than my lip balm swatch. The colour coverage was uneven. I did not care for the scent of the lipstick and I found that it has a bitter taste that kind of spreads into your mouth after a while. Overall, I was not too pleased with this product. I have bought better lipsticks at lower prices.

The packaging is very pretty. It’s a silver tube with a frosted design of fruits on the bottom half. The lettering on the tube is in a bright pink. Basically, a nice, girly look.

The Body Shop Delipscious: Pretty design


Price: Rs. 620/-

Soft texture
Pretty shades

Heavy on lips
Uneven colour
Not long-lasting
Unpleasant smell
Not many shades (I saw just 4)
Unpleasant taste that kind of leaks into your mouth after a while

Overall, this was not a good Body Shop product for me.