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It is accepted as a general rule that ALL makeup must be removed before sleeping. Skipping makeup removal can ruin your skin. A few balls of cotton and a bottle of cleanser are required for this purpose.

However, this section is meant to cater to those women who don’t bother with foundation, concealer, powder and blush so I shall not elaborate on how to remove these items of makeup. I shall only explain how to remove lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara.

You may wonder why you can’t just wash the makeup off, especially if it’s not waterproof. The fact is that traces of the makeup remain behind in the creases of your skin even after washing. It may not be visible to you in the mirror but if you clean up again with a cotton ball, you’ll see the makeup that remains behind on it. It is simpler then to first do spot cleaning as described below, and then to wash your face, put your moisturiser and so on.

The removal for all of these together will take no longer than 5 minutes. These are methods for makeup removal that I use to remove my own makeup quickly. I like to use either moisturiser or cleansing milk to remove makeup because I find that they are gentle on delicate areas like the lips and eyes and do not leave them dry. Baby oil works just as well especially for long-stay makeup.

Lipstick: Use a cotton ball and any moisturiser, baby oil or cream-based cleanser to remove lipstick. Pour a drop or two of the cleanser onto the cotton ball and rub gently over the lips. If you’ve used a cleanser, rinse with water afterwards.

Mascara: Use a cotton ball and cleansing milk or baby oil. Mascara can be difficult to remove properly, especially the waterproof type. If it is a waterproof mascara, it is better to use baby oil or any light oil like almond oil to loosen it up.
Option 1: To remove mascara efficiently, take very little (1 or 2 drops) of the cleanser onto the cotton ball as using too much can cause the cleanser to leak into your eye and cause a burning sensation. Close one eye, tilt your head up and hold the cotton under your upper lashes. Move the cotton firmly upwards and sideways along the length of your lashes from base to tip in the same movement you use when applying mascara. You need to wiggle the cotton ball a little from side to side. Do not pull along the lashes. Once you’ve finished removing the mascara, you may need to go over your eyelids with another ball of cotton to remove any smudges left by the mascara.
Option 2: Another way to remove mascara if it’s not too heavy, is by wetting a cotton bud or Q-tip with cleanser and moving it from the base of the lashes to the tips. Again, wiggle the Q-tip from side to side. This way is far less messy but takes a little more time and about 2 Q-tips per eye.

Eyeshadow: Use a cotton ball and cleansing milk to remove eyeshadow. Follow the same directions as those given for lipstick above. If you are wearing mascara, remove the eyeshadow after removing the mascara.

Eyeliner: Use a cotton bud and a cleanser. If your eyeliner is one of those long-stay, smudge-proof, waterproof types, then use baby oil as suggested for removal of mascara. Remove eyeliner after all other eye makeup because it is easier to see what you need to remove then. Place a drop of cleanser in your palm and roll tone end of the cotton bud in it so that it becomes wet with it. Gently pull the eyelid with one finger placed at the outer corner of your ey to make it taut. Draw over the eyeliner with the cotton bud to ‘erase’ the line. Do it firmly and in a smooth motion. This ensures that it comes off in one swipe and doesn’t get spread all over the place.
This method can be followed for eyeliner drawn on both, the inside (waterline) and outer rim of the eye. As when removing mascara, do not use too much cleanser. Use just enough to moisten the bud.

Tip: Always keep cotton buds or Q-tips handy in your dresser or your purse for quick makeup removal. 

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