Hi, I am Stephanie and welcome to my blog!

I am actually a teacher by vocation and I love everything about education. I’m not an expert on makeup nor have I completed any course in it. That I love makeup would probably come as a surprise to those who know me (barring the absolute closest). However, it has been my secret love since I first saw my mum applying lipstick. There’s just something about the colours and textures that I find irresistible.

Lipsticks, eye makeup and nail polish are my basic obssessions. I’m also a fan of skin care products especially bath products and moisturisers. Finding shortcuts, trying out different ways of using just a couple of products to create a look, and discovering easy ways of applying makeup are the things that excite me. I also have my own little ideas on how to care for your skin, hair, hands and feet.

And finally, coming to the inspiration for the name of this blog, I feel that brown-skinned women should be proud of their skin colour and not try to change it in an attempt to make it ‘more beautiful’. Brown-skinned women of all hues look beautiful and should make the most of their existing features. Being dark-skinned myself, I wanted to start a blog written from a dark-skinned Indian woman’s point of view. And so The Brown Side Of Life was born in June 2012.

On this blog you will find tutorials, information on basic makeup (really basic!), makeup tips, reviews of makeup and skin care products, and my ramblings on the subject.

Happy reading! :-)

Note: My photographs show things exactly as they look in real life. I’ve not used Photoshop or any other software to change their appearance. And I’m not wearing foundation in any of them. Also, none of my opinions on the various products that I’ve used or reviewed are influenced by payment or sponsorship from any company.

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    Hi Stephanie
    I chanced upon this blog and am glad I found it. Indian markets are focused towards products for fair skinned people when it comes to makeup.can’t fault it though. Anyways, it’s so difficult to get Even a mid range compact for dark skinned people.
    There is a need for.blog like yours and hopefully the market will find a way to cater it’s “new consumers”
    Wish you luck:)



      Thank you, Jaya! It feels good to receive such encouragement and to know that my approach in writing this blog has support.
      I will start putting up more articles, so do keep visiting my website!


    Thank you for your comment, Chhaya! Very encouraging indeed! :-)


    this site is for every woman who feels insecure about using make up…. this site thus inspires women shyin away from using make up ………. its a must read article….. 😀

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